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The store is located opposite the education zone, halfway between Robinson and Ikea. With it's total floor space of 240 m2 it is one of the biggest baby stores in Mega and can hardly be missed! Feel free to look around in the store or ask some guidance from our staff, they will be happy to explain the differences to you.

Mega Bangna 2nd Floor   Kids Zone     

Phone 02-105-1758   

Open 10:00-22:00


Close to Don Muang Airport the store can easily be reached from Bangkok and nearby provinces. The Hub is a relatively new shopping complex which is connected to Zeer Rangsit, which is more known for it's IT outlets. So parking is easy at either buildings or at the outdoor parking in the back. The Hub has a very spacious set up and so is our store with over 260 m2.

 The Hub @ Zeer Rangsit 2nd Floor Store FSB043-050

Phone 02-042-2291    

Open 09:00-20:00