Strollers, Practical Tips For Picking The Right One

Strollers, Practical Tips For Picking The Right One
October 30th, 2017, All 4 Baby,

Choosing the most suitable stroller for you and your baby.

Besides personal preferences such as design and colours, there are a few practical points to consider when looking for your stroller :
1. Is the stroller suitable for your child's age? e.g. New born or from 6 months up.
2. Do you want to be able to face the baby at all times? With some models the parent is behind the stroller.
3. Where will you mainly plan to use the stroller? e.g. Small, compact stroller for use in malls, stronger models for outdoor use.
4. Does the stroller have any special option that you might find usefull?


Quality & Safety assurance.

What can be more important than your child's safety? All our products have been tested according to European Safety Standard EN 1888, which is applied to baby carriages. Please make sure that you always read the instruction booklet before using the stroller. Specially the warning section that will point out possible hazards to you. While maintaining high quality standard we try to keep our prices at a reasonable level, so you can enjoy our products even more!



Our products come with a 1 year guarantee against any manufacturing faults. This means that if any production problem occurs within the first year after you purchased the items we will repair or replace the product free of charge. Please make sure you keep the guarantee certificate that comes with each product and the receipt of purchase.



  • Fabrics : Hand wash with mild detergent and Hang Dry
  • Frame and wheels : Brush off any mud and dirt than wipe with damp cloth
  • After prolonged normal use, the wheels might not be as smooth as when the stroller was new. This is usually due to a build up of dirt. Keep wheels free from dust, dirt and sand. If possible use compressed air to clean the moving parts.
  • Lubricate moving parts with silicone based lubricant only. Oil based products stay sticky and will only attract more dirt.